Neteller betting became one of the most popular e-wallet for online gambling servicing over 180 countries with highly safe and secure money transfer. As they provide easy deposit and withdrawal process, Neteller has been chose the most by gamblers from Asia.

Best Online Bookie Accepting Neteller

Back to the history, the company was founded in Canada by British global payments organization Optimal Payments PLC. Before they moved offices to Douglas in the Isle of Man in 2004. Also has various other global offices in places like England, Canada, Costa Rica, and China.

When you open a Neteller account, it acts as a type of e-wallet that allows you to upload, transfer, and withdraw funds. Clients can transfer funds to and from any merchant website instantly as long as the website uses Neteller’s online payments platform.

 Neteller betting
Neteller betting site

How does Neteller work for Betting sites

Neteller offers customers a safe method of transferring and paying money online without their financial details being revealed. Whether it is for gambling sports. Neteller betting is still the number one choice for millions of people moving money around from site to site.

You can also use Neteller to pay for goods, holidays, services. And bills online in the same way you would with a credit card.

There are many functions of Neteller, the majority of users go for gambling experience. 

As it offers customers a safe method of transferring and paying money without their financial details being at risk or danger. Player from some trusted sportsbooks like 188bet or 22Bet choose to use Neteller to move money around from site to site.

Neteller betting
How does Neteller betting work for sites

One of the great things that we all like about Neteller is they do not require their customer to enter their personal bank detail at each site they wish to gamble with or make any transaction with. All of the transaction is quick and safe. Using Neteller would never make you fall into debt, or end up owing interest, as you’re using your own money from your prepaid account. 

Trusted bookies that accept Neteller

Today, BookieExpert would like to introduce to you some highly recommended bookies in Asia. Below is the list for you to have a look:

How to verify process neteller account?

The verification process for opening a Neteller account is the same in every country. Right after you sign up for an new account, then you will have take to few steps of verification to go further:

There is no changes for the current users, these changes only apply for new sign up users.But there is some changes for new users. 

\To be specific The changes will affect on the night of Wednesday, April 10th, not only Neteller but also users of the business’s sister operation, Skrill ( full review), as well. Skrill has also begun to inform its users of the changes, which will be implemented on the same date. Both companies are owned by the Paysafe Group, a multi-national online payments firm.

Neteller betting
Verify Neteller betting account

From the new authentication process, these are some changes which are NETELLER will also replace the old Selfie (Picture with ID card next to the face) with a different one (Selfie holding a paper with date and “NETELLER” written on it). Here is the full new verification process:

  1. Login to your account and click on the banner on top of the page or click on “Settings” -> “Verification” from the left-handed menu.
  2. Choose the “Upload Photos” option on the next screen – please note, accounts signed up with us are handled with highest priority. So for you this is the fastest option available!
  3. Now upload both sides for your ID document (Passport or ID card) and the new selfie. The selfie has to show the date of the verification process/uploading of pictures.
  4. Verify your address by using the geo-location verification from your browser (if supported by your system) or upload an address verification document like bank statement, a utility bill (gas, water, electricity), Tax return form or a Credit Card statement.
  5. Click on “Continue” to finish the process.

How to fund a Neteller Account

If you want to fund some money to your Net account, then you will have to consider which country you are in. Neteller offers you a button, so you just have to click the “ MONEY IN” link when you log in to Neteller. Basically, all options are free.

Some of the time frames and fees associated with deposits are outlined below, and they are listed as: 

Deposit Options

Clearing Tim


Debit Card

Instant Funding

up to 1.75%

Credit Card

Instant Funding





Fast Bank Transfer

1 hour to 6 Business Days


International Bank Transfer

2/3 Business Days


Transferring funds

To transfer money to any Neteller account is free of charge, but this rate my be changed in the future, so you should be well aware of that. The amounts you can transfer depend on yours and the receiving person’s account, as well as the country you reside in.

The minimum per transaction is  $5/€3.75/£3.75/425 JPY

The maximum per transaction is $5,000/€3,750/£3,750/425,000 JPY

There are some limits that you need to know so you  do not exceed the limits. The limit for transactions in 24 hours is double your maximum transaction limit (e.g. $10,000), and the limit for transactions in 7 days is double your daily limit (e.g. $20,000). There’s also a 30 days limit which is 2.5 times your 7 day limit (e.g. $50,000).

Withdrawing funds from Neteller

Depending on your registered country, a previous NETELLER deposit in the past 12 months may be required in order for this method to become available for withdrawals.

To request a withdrawal via NETELLER, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Cashier and select the Withdraw tab.
  2. Enter your withdrawal amount and select the Withdraw/Next button.
  3. In the next screen, you’ll be notified if you have any pending automatic withdrawals and the payment methods available to withdraw any remaining amount.
  4. If you do not have any pending automatic withdrawals, simply select NETELLER from the available options.
  5. If you have deposited with this method in the past 12 months, your NETELLER details will be pre-populated. Otherwise, enter your NETELLER Account ID and submit your request.

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 72 hours and the funds will be credited immediately upon approval.

Neteller Support

There are a number of ways for you to get in contact with Neteller support. Below we outline the support methods available to you. For urgent enquiries please feel free to contact ewalletbooster via livechat, email or skype as we may be able to assist you and speed up resolution of the concern/issue that you are facing.

Neteller live chat

If you would like to speak to Neteller support team directly via livechat for an instant answer you need to be a VIP member. Neteller livechat support is available 24/7 and available in various languages. You can contact them via livechat from within your account interface.

Neteller contact number

You can speak to Neteller customer support over the phone for urgent enquiries. Neteller have call support in various languages which we have listed below.
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Neteller email support

For less urgent enquiries, you can utilise the email support option provider by Neteller. The usual response time is 1-3 working days.

Please send them an email to so they can check your account and advise you accordingly

Neteller betting compared to other providers

Much like Trustly, Neteller offers the convenience of instant deposits from anywhere in the world when linked to your betting account. 

Confirming these deposits is a straightforward process, resulting in immediate account credits. Neteller’s modern, responsive, and SSL-secured online platform ensures the protection of sensitive data on encrypted servers, safeguarding your privacy and funds. 

It’s crucial to secure your Neteller account from the start to prevent unauthorized access.

Neteller betting
Neteller betting compared to other providers

However, there are two notable downsides to using Neteller betting. Some platforms that accept Neteller may exclude users from receiving the associated “Welcome Bonus” offered by Neteller bookmakers, despite making a qualifying deposit. 

Additionally, Neteller may charge slightly higher deposit and withdrawal fees compared to Skrill due to a 2.5% fee on the total deposited amount and variable withdrawal fees based on geographic location. It’s advisable to be aware of these potential drawbacks when using Neteller for online betting.

FAQ – Key Neteller questions answered in detail

Is neteller the best at what it does?

In the realm of online betting, Neteller stands out as a top choice. Despite the increasing number of online alternatives that emerge regularly, it’s crucial to recognize that Neteller consistently delivers top-tier service. They remain unwavering in their commitment to ensuring your payments are processed and protected to the highest industry standards, regardless of the specific gambling site you choose to use.

Do I need to confirm every Neteller deposit

After selecting the deposit amount for your Neteller account, it’s essential to confirm the transaction before it reflects as credit in your wallet. This confirmation can be completed by following the instructions found in the “Payments” section of your betting account.
If you’ve opted for the recommended two-step authentication process, an additional verification step will be required at this stage. During this process, you may receive a code via email, phone call, or SMS text message. Simply copy and paste the code you receive to validate your deposit, and it will be accepted.

What is the best way to place funds into my Neteller account?

When it comes to funding your Neteller wallet, there isn’t necessarily a superior method, as funds can originate from various sources. In fact, there are over 50 different online payment options available, ensuring your convenience is the primary focus.
However, it’s crucial to note that every deposit option when using Neteller is subject to the same 2.5% administrative fee. This fee is consistent across all deposit methods and is essential for Neteller to validate your transfers as legitimate when funding your account. Thus, there are no loopholes to circumvent this fixed cost.

What is the best way to place funds into my Neteller account?

Funds deposited into your Neteller account can originate from a diverse array of sources, offering you access to more than 50 different options. It’s important to note that Neteller imposes a 2.5% administrative fee when you fund your Neteller account.

Neteller Betting Review Conclusion

Overall, we highly recommend Neteller as your preferred payment option but it is clear that it is very important to become a Neteller VIP to take advantage of all the benefits that are on offer.