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Our mission and target here is so clear and simple. Our name speaks for itself. We wish thru our careful reviews, you will know which website are suitable for your gambling taste. As our target is Asian Audience, we do provide some law regarding each country and everything you need to know about Asian gambling. The world of online betting is constantly changing, and we are trying to staying on top of anything and everything when it comes to developments within the industry. Keeping users always  latest updated to betting laws and other news is of the utmost importance.

We do not do any favor for any site or receive money from any site to make kind of sugar covered review. We are here for you and be honest to you! Our promise is to help you stay safe and have a fun experience betting over the internet.

What We Offer

Online Gambling Guides

If you are new to gambling, then you should stop here first. Here, you can find a ton of information to help you choose the best and safest betting site to cater to your needs as a bettor. And also we introduce to you some tips and tricks so you theoreticallly apply in each sound of betting.

Gambling News

As we introduce our philosophy is to always keep the customer updated with the law and latest developments from within the industry around the world. So do remember to check this section to knwo what is happening around you

Gambling Laws

As we provide gambling information for Asian community which law and regulation is still very strick on gambling. Our Gambling Laws section is where you can find a comprehensive list of existing laws and regulations anywhere in Asia.

Sports Betting


Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and Asia is not an exception .We cover just about everything under the sun when it comes to sports betting, with a specific focus on the following sports: Football, horse-racing and basketball.