The best bookmakers for Visa – Bookmakers that accept Visa

Visa first gave its first baby roar in 1958 when the Bank of America launched the first consumer credit card program for middle-class consumers and small to medium-sized merchants in the U.S. This action has helped a lot for any international transactions. In fact, until now,it is the main cards that connect countries and make the global trade blooming. The brother of VISA credit was Debit card which was introduced in 1975. In 2007, regional businesses around the world were merged to form Visa Inc and, in 2008, the company went public in one of the largest IPOs in history. In 2016, Visa completed the acquisition of Visa Europe.

Thanks to its popularity and its reliability, Visa operates in more than 200 countries and territories with products and services available on any device – cards, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. As they promised to continue to evolve to the best banking method ever. For this reason many gambling site has chosen Visa as their main partner in terms of banking method.

Bookieexpert today provides you with a list of trusted online sportsbook that accept Visa . In this guide, you will also find instructions on how to make Visa deposits at online bookies, so stay with us and learn everything there is to know about the payment method that has become quite popular among casino players around the world.

This is the list:

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Most Popular Credit Card Brands Used in Online Betting site

Even though it is called by one name “ VISA”, not all credit cards have similar features, especially, when it comes to making online transactions in online bookie.  Using credit visa will be your advangtage as it is highly accepted by all casino in Asia. Do be mistaken by the Master card and Visa credit, they are founded by the same system but they are issues from thousands banks and financial institutions from all around the world. These same banks are the ones that set the policy regarding how these cards can be used.

You might see a new name in this system which is called America Express or AMEX, but it is less commonly accepted in Asian gambling community. The reason is because AMEX have a more centralized policy for their cards. That policy doesn’t really go well with the online gambling industry, which only means that they aren’t a reliable option for making transactions.

Using Credit Card Options When Playing from Overseas

If you prefered bookies accept VISA credit as the payment method. Then you should not be worried.  there is really no downside in trying to use your credit card to make a deposit at your preferred online casino. Although you can expect that your transaction will be declined, which will cost you nothing. In the event it gets approved, then you will be able to start playing your favorite casino games right away!

How Do I Make a Deposit Using Visa?

Depositing using Visa is very simple. First, you just need to start off by sign up your bookie account of the webiste of your choice. Afterward, you just need to follow these step to make a deposit:

Step 1: Log in using the account you just created.

Step 2: Click on the Cashier or Deposit button on the main screen.visadeposit

Step 3: Select either Visa or Credit Cards.


Step4: Select or enter the amount you wish to deposit.



Step5: Enter your credit card information and click Pay now



Step 7: Click Submit to make your deposit.

The minimum requirement  is $25 using Visa, so you do have check the T&Cs before you precede to the next step of  deposit. Also, you may be required to pay a fee for using Visa. Often, this fee is about 2.5% or $2.50 on every $100 deposited. Some casinos will wave this fee the first time you deposit.

In many cases, your deposit will credit immediately. Some casinos may take up to 48 hours for your funds to become available for play. Contact customer support for the casino if you experience longer delays in accessing funds.

How do I make a withdrawal using visa? 

Unlike Mastercard , VISA is also widely accepted for withdrawals at online gambling sites, and this is another reason why it is so popular with players.

To withdraw funds using VISA, All you need to do is just go to the banking section at your favorite online gambling site and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Log in using the account you just created.
  • Click on the Cashier or Deposit button on the main screen.
  • Select either Visa or Credit Cards.
  • Select or enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Click Submit to make your withdrawal.

Some casinos may take up to2 days  hours for withdrawing your money . Contact customer support for the casino if you experience longer delays in accessing funds.

Advantages of Using Visa for Online betting site Transactions

There are many benefits of using a Visa card, either debit, credit, or prepaid. They are as follow:

  1. Secure and Reliable – This is the most secure and reliable means of making transaction. Especially when it comes to betting industry. Basically, your deposit is protected against fraud in the same way other online purchases are as your card is encrypted, hence your personal information and other details are kept safe.
  2. Low Transaction Feein most cases, this is a surcharge fee which is from $2  up to $4 of your transacted amount. This amount is considered is quite lower, especially, if you use a pre-paid card, fees are even lower. You simply need to load your desired amount and most likely pay a very little fee.
  3. Instant and Huge Deposits – Through a Visa credit card transfer,as we said above, you can make instant and huge deposits into your online casino account. This is in contrast with a bank transfer or check which will take a few hours or days to complete. Moreover, online casinos have high deposit limits on such cards considering that there are no waiting periods.

After our analysis, now you know why many people choose to use VISA at online gambling sites, and you also know exactly how to deposit and withdraw using this payment method. All you need to do now is place your VISA on the gambling site that you have chosen to place your luck.