Giropay Which Asian bookies say YES to Giropay

Giropay is online payment system introduced in 2005 and it accounts for about 16% of all transaction executed by German residents via the  internet. All the process is based on the PIN and TAN procedures of the popular home banking. This e-wallet allows users to securely purchase goods and services by transferring funds directly from their bank accounts, and even gambling.

By its fast and reliable transaction, Giropay has been choosen by many punters from worldwhile sportsbooks and it also got accepted by many Asian sportsbooks too. By using Giropay you do not have to leave the bookies any of  your credit card number or your bank account thus allowing for greater security. The downfall is that the system does not allow for a chargeback.

By thousands hours working and evaluating the best for our customers, we have made a list of good bookie that accept Giropay. You should not be worried because the list that we complied is not just something we threw together with a quick google search or a careless decision. We have a team of experts, especially in Asian betting area. our philosophy is focus and specialize in choosing high – quality sportsbook to our customers.

Now just have a look at the best bookies you have complied in this list:

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How Do I Use GiroPay to make transaction for betting site


If you are too familiar with online betting, and you know a bunch of casinos and sportsbooks, then when it comes to use GiroPay, you chould not have any problem. The procedure to make an online payment is the same as most other online banking service. There are few step for you to start using Giropay for your transaction:

  1. Step 1: You have to choose your preferred website and log in
  2. Step 2 : Heading to the payment method or cashier and choose “ GiroPay” as your preference.
  3. Step 3: After you are re-directed to the login page of your bank account then you will  be able to enter your personal details and the necessary data.
  4. Step 4 : the bank will send a Transaction Authentication Number (TAN-code) which the customer will be required to use to confirm the transaction.
  5. Step 5: The bank will then authorize the transaction from their end and send the payment in real-time to the receiving party whilst immediately deducting the amount from the depositor’s account.
  6. Step 6 : Then you will receive the confirmation that payment has been made.

How Do I Withdraw Money via GiroPay at an Online Asian betting site?

To withdraw money, you just simply do the same steps of deposit money where you will be directed to your banking account. Giropay is trying their best to make user experience is become much more relaxing and easy and less stressful.


Transaction fees may apply when you choose GiroPay as your payment method.Before you decide to Giropay to make your transaction, you need to make the amount that you is willing to bet because  Deposits made using GiroPay cannot be canceled. Fees may differ from bank to bank and the amount you’ll be paying per transaction depends on what bank you are signed up. Normal charges vary between 0.9% and 1.2% plus € 0.08 per transaction.Deposits are as good as instantaneous and within minutes you’ll be able to start placing real money wagers.

Why Use Giropay to deposit at Asian betting site

Instant Access to Your Funds

One of the greatest feature of Giropay that beat against many other bookies is that deposits you made can be processed instantly and approved by your host bank in real time, and the funds become available in your online sportsbook account!

It’s really one of the simplest processes out there and gets you in the action fast. If you’re looking for a way to get betting today (like right now), then Giropay is probably going to be an incredible fit for you.

Reliable and Traceable

When it comes to reliability and the ability to trace, Giropay makes it even like a piece of cake. our personal bank connects directly with the online sportsbook and facilitates the transaction, ther esi not middle man in your transaction. If in some bad days, an you confront with some issue, then there are only two agents that you should ask for either your banks or the bookie that you have chosen. It literally cannot bet anywhere else which makes diagnosing and fixing the issue a breeze.

Last but not least, the payments by Giropay are anonymous as no sensitive data about the depositor whatsoever is exchanged with the bookie.

User/Customer Support


If you have any inquiries, for GiroPay’s customer support, clients may proceed to the official site where there are various options for clients to reach the customer service team of GiroPay.

They conduct also a FAQ section for the clients to read about various processes they may need to know. We think it is much better to visit this section before you contact, it saves your time and you will know what kind of problem you have.

An e-mail support system is also available for any concerns regarding payments and other concerns about GiroPay’s operations.