Bank Transfer betting is known as one of the ultimate method which is allowed to use in various country. Though it sounds like a old and slow transactions, but it seems to be the only vitable method when it comes to big amount of transaction. Bank transfer allows you to make transaction from your account at a sportsbook or casino to the local bank account.

Anyone who is looking for a game or a sport to bet in Vietnam and getting worried to choose which banking method which is easy and trusted to use. Then it will absolutely not an issue at all if you choose the bank transfer to online casinos and sportsbook. In this review, we provide for you some guides on setting up a bank transfer and making deposits and withdrawal using this option.

How do I Sign-Up for Bank Transfer?

Once you already have a bank account, the local ones, then making a bank transfer is just a piece of cake. You can literally make it through mobile banking, phone banking and recently message banking is also available or if you are physically close to a bank, you can just visit the bank in person to ask for the transaction. There are a lot of sportsbook in Asia accept bank transfer – Bet365 is a good example, they accept bank transfer under the name of Bank wire.

Now you may wonder how to make deposit by using bank transfer method. We will give 3 main step which is given below.

  1. When you are registering for a new bank account, you need to choose the option for bank transfer as as a mode of payment to send and receive money
  2. Once your application process is completed and then you will be able to sync your bank transfers on your computers through online banking or your mobile phones through the bank’s mobile app to make any further transaction.
  3. Then you would have to submit your identity proof as well as your mailing address to give you permission to sync online and mobile bank transfer. Some documents that you can use to submit like your passport or driving license as the identity proof and a copy of the latest utility bill as the residential proof;

Verifying Your Bank Transfer Account

To do this step the first thing you need to go to the sportsbook that you are opening an account to check whether they accept bank transfer as one of their method.

To do this, you need to check at the cashier of the sportsbook or the payment method category there.

Quickly choose bank transfer as the preferred money transfer option. The sportsbook then will require bank information and the hassle-free money transfers. The only downside that  I don’t really like about bank transfer is the timing process as it would take some times to verify which could be anywhere between 3 and 5 or even 7 working days depending on your bank and country of residence.

Because of this reason direct bank transfers are not a popular option for those who wish to fund their accounts with relatively small amounts. However, high rollers who need to make transaction in big amount of money then  bank transfer method is the the best option as limits are usually higher when using this method.

We also recommend you other banking method that you can use to deposit small amount of money. Have a look here

Privacy & Confidentiality

When it comes to monetary stuff, safety and security is top priority to you. There are two things that you need to be well aware when you choose bank transfer as you preferred banking method.

The first one is need to choose the local bank which is bound to offer 100% safety and security for all electronic transactions that take place and they need to have highest online security procedures to make sure that your account won’t be hijacked and steal your money

The second one is  you need to make sure that the sportsbook that you have chosen has the strict security measures. Choosing a regulated and licensed sportsbook will be great start. This way the data sent and received is completely encrypted from the prying eyes of the internet fraudsters.

Gamble Online with Bank Transfer

As we understand the feeling of sifting through countless sportsbooks on the the internet to gamble. We have made for you a list of highly recommended and well-selected bookies by our team of experts. One thing for sure that all bookies below accept Bank Transfer.

Depositing procedure

An important thing to note for all gamblers who is going to use bank transfer as your preferred banking method is that you have to use the same option to withdraw your winnings. If it would not be your problem then do ahead.

For example, we took for you how it looks like if you make a deposit through bank transfer at 22bet sportsbook:

Banking method at 22bet
Banking method at 22bet
Bank transfer at 22bet

The following is the deposit process in online sportsbook  that use bank transfer payment option.

The following are important things to note when making deposits to casinos that take bank transfer.

Consider when Withdrawing

The following are steps involved when you withdraw money at bank transfer casino sites.

The following is a certain thing you need to know when you make online casino withdrawals using bank transfer.

I don’t like the timing process which takes take at least 3 to 5 working days for the money to be in your bank account. However, compare this to e-wallets such as Netteller which take only 24-48 hours.

Bank transfer review Conclusion

Overall, we highly recommend Bank Transfer if you wish to make a large transaction but if just a small transaction then you would recommend you to choose other banking method that we have reviewed like Skrill or Help2day.