What is Micro Betting?

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There are many terms associated with online sports betting. From free bets and bonuses, to matched betting and in game wagering. Even the most experienced sports gambler will find unfamiliar terms and ways of betting and it is important to have a full understanding of the ways to bet before using them. Micro betting is a good example and, on this page, you will discover everything you need to know about this form of online sports betting. Then, you can decide if you would like to participate in this type of betting.

First, it is vital to understand live sports betting as this is where you can use micro betting. Live betting, also known as in-play betting allows you to have a wager during a sporting event. So, even if you missed the opportunity to bet on the event before it started, you still have a chance to have a wager when it is in progress. Depending on the sport on which you would like to bet, you will have several options and many of these can be classed as micro betting.

Micro betting is like a prop bet, as explained on the gamble USA site. A micro bet is a wager on an individual event in a game that does not directly impact the outcome. The micro bet markets are often only available for a matter of seconds and you must be quick because the event is happening live and the passage of play will be over quickly. Despite the fact micro betting and live betting are linked, there is a difference between the two. In-play bets are often settled at the end of the game but micro bets are settled while the game is in progress.

What is Micro Betting

One of the best sports to use for an example of micro betting is baseball. During a game of baseball, several micro betting opportunities will present themselves. You can bet on the next player to get a hit or make a home run. If you bet on the next player to hit a home run and they succeed, your bet will be settled as a winner immediately, you do not have to wait until the end of the game. Likewise, if you back the next player to hit a home run and they fail, you lose the bet immediately, there is no waiting until the end of the game to settle the bet.

Micro betting is extremely quick and you must be ready to make your move instantly if you want to get on the action. Therefore, it is vital you are using a quality online sportsbook and you have a fast and reliable internet connection. It is not a clever idea to try micro betting when travelling on public transport. You could enter a tunnel and lose connection or you may be required to move from your seat, which will disturb your betting. It is best to participate in micro betting when at home, so you can have your full attention on the game, without any distractions or the risk of losing your internet connection.

The leading online sportsbooks have the technology to publish odds extremely quickly using real time data. Using a game of baseball again as an example, as soon as one hitter has completed his innings, the odds for the next player will appear. The odds are not generated at random, real-time date is used to create the odds to reflect what is happening in the game and the past performance of the individual player in question.

In addition to baseball, you will find micro betting opportunities for other sports, including football and basketball. When micro betting on football, you can wager per play on the length of the pass or the direction of the run. In addition, you can wager per possession and bet on the outcome, including field goal, turn over, or touchdown.

Micro betting adds a whole new dimension to sports wagering and it is thrilling. If you want to bet and have instant results, micro betting is an excellent choice. However, you should always bet within your means and it is easy to get carried away when micro betting. Set yourself a limit and have fun.

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