The best bookmakers for AstroPay

Astropay is a familiar name for those who frequently gamble. It is actually a virtual card used as a deposit option at several betting sites. Astropay offers great security as players don’t need to give out any personal or Bank details to fund their online gambling accounts. Together with the great privacy, thanks to its ease-of-use and highly – secured features, it has been chosen by the most gamblers around the world, especially for those who base in Asia.

You are able to use the AstroPay card to fund your online gambling account as most of sportsbooks do accept Astropay. You do not have to pay any fees related to depositing money by using your virtual card in your prefered sportsbook. Your virtual Astropay card just works like a credit card.

Bookieexpert today provides you with a list of trusted online sportsbook that accept Astropay. In this guide, you will also find instructions on how to make Astropay deposits at online casinos such as 188bet, so stay with us and learn everything there is to know about the payment method that has become quite popular among casino players around the world.

Here is the list:

bet365-logo Bet365100% up to $122Review
1xbet-logo 1Xbet100% up to $100Review
22bet-logo 22bet100% up to $100Review
188bet-logo 188bet100% up to $100Review

Let’s take an example of Bet365

As you probably know that bet365 is one the most popular site in the Asia. Bet365 now has accepted Astropay as their deposit methods now

Bet365 ( full bet365 review), one of the leading betting sites in the United Kingdom lists AstroPay among their deposit methods for some time now. Most of user go for Astropay at bet365 because it allowed them to swiftly fund their accounts, yet get all the benefits credit card customers do. Moreover, in our experience, the AstroPay deposits are free. It’s one of the few reasons why our friends are opting for AstroPay

What is AstroPay and how can I use it at the bookmakers?

There are many ways for you to deposit and withdraw, or say in another way is making any transaction. AstroPay is one of them which allows you to deposit money into your online esports betting account. All of the process is based on internet, that means you do not need any actual card to buy and obtain, this makes any transaction becomes convenient and quick.

When you click to the option of purchasing, you will initially load it with funds via a variety banking methods such as credit and debit cards, money wiring or web wallets. They features single- linked which means once you are done with with the process of funding into your virtual AstroPay card. By this method you can also control you money spending because you can only use the money that you loaded from the bank.

Technically, you can call Astropay is the middle -man who is in the between your personal account and the online sportsbook that you are betting at. This brings a high sense of additional privacy and security.

Essentially, AstroPay is a middle-man between your personal account details and the online sportsbook you are betting at, meaning you get additional privacy and security. While traditional banking methods for funding your esports betting account like credit and debit cards are proven to be just as safe, AstroPay and other virtual prepaid card deposit options are highly recommended for bettors who just want extra peace of mind or financial privacy (anonymity).

There are two types of cards available: AstroPay Prepaid Card and AstroPay VISA Card. Each cards has different  way to deposit.

  • An AstroPay VISA Card can be used much like any other debit card – you visit the cashier’s web page, fill in the details, confirm the payment request and receive the approval
  • AstroPay Prepaid Card requires you to register with the official website and purchase it first.

The deposit methods for the two are different. An AstroPay VISA Card can be used much like any other debit card – you visit the cashier’s web page, fill in the details, confirm the payment request and receive the approval. However, if you want to use an AstroPay Prepaid Card, you would need to register with the official website and purchase it first. All virtual cards are valid for a year after purchase or after the funds in them are exhausted. Here are five simple steps to get started with AstroPay Prepaid Card:

Step 1: RegisterVisit the official website and register with the platform. Create your AstroPay Card account and sign in for free.

Step 2: Purchase Based on your requirements, pick a card of your choice. Denominations range from 25 to 500 USD. Confirm the payment method to make a purchase it.

Step 3:. You can choose to pay via bank transfers, cash deposits with print and pay codes or even through other online payment systems.

Step 4: You will find the details of your transaction in your email after you have confirmed the payment and AstroPay has received the same. This includes a 16-digit unique card number and a 3-digit CVV security code.

Step 5: Use the information in your email to start enjoying your virtual debit card.

Note: AstroPay cards expire after 12 months from purchase and are not reloadable after the initial amount of money you load into it. You can merge AstroCard balances together if you have more than two with money still in them.

How to Deposit and withdraw to/from an Online sportsbook  with AstroPay?


This process is pretty easy for you. It is similar to how you use your credit and debit cards to deposit money. All things you have to do is fill in the required details with the amount you want to deposit:

  • The amount to be deposited
  • The 16-digit card number
  • The CVV code
  • The date  of expiration of the car

To make it simple, we have picked for you some top sportsbook that accept AstroPay. You just need to pick one and head straight to the cashier. Deposit how much you wish to, then you will see the amount of money appear in your account. You can now start browsing the game library and play a casino game of your choice. Deposits with AstroPay are free of charge. Additionally, the casino could reward punters with bonuses for every deposit. The prepaid cards are, however, not reloadable. But, a single card can be used to make multiple payments. Alternatively, multiple cards can be purchased and merged.

Visit Cashier Page => Choose AstroPay => Enter Card Details => Confirm Deposit


Unfortunately, Astropay now doesn’t support withdrawing winnings or requesting refunds. but it does not mean that you do not have other way, Becaus Astro pay works with many other e-wallet which allow you to withdraw. . This should not be much of a hassle as trusted AstroPay casinos always have plenty of secure choices for withdrawal.

Astropay Customer Support

If you need assistance with your paysafe account, it is always worth checking their extensive FAQ section first. We found that most account queries can be solved by reading the many help guides on offer. However, if you need to speak with the Paysafe team directly, then you have a couple options at your disposal.

If you have any questions about your account or need help, please visit their help hub.

Alternatively, you can send us an email at [email protected] or call us on one of our international toll-free numbers.

International number: +44 203 308 2520.

Why should Asian gambler use Paysafe

  • Player Protection: Discreet payments without sharing sensitive financial information.
  • No Fee: Zero charges for users  to make a deposit.
  • Security: website protected via TLS encryption.
  • Instant Fund Transfer: Quick, easy, confidential.
  • Insurance: Payments 100% guaranteed.
  • Prepaid Option: To keep spending under control.
  • Flexibility: Reasonable card values (25 to 500 USD).
  • Wide Acceptance: Supported by top casino brands worldwide.
  • Global Footprint: Perfect for cross-border monetary transactions.
  • Accepted by many Asian sportsbook.