Wingmoney betting sites – The Best betting site accepting Wingmoney in Cambodia

Today, we would like to introduce to you the best e-transaction which has been executed by punters from Cambodia – Wingmoney. In Cambodia and ither Asian countries, we often hear that those countries are “ king of cash”. sending money around the country used to be a risky business. Until just a few years ago, most money was sent by road, where it could be lost or stolen — or take days to reach its destination. This fact happened to frequently as even gambling was limited that time, the citizen only established some sort of small gambling activities and online gambling was almost not existed.

These days, everything has been changes positively.  transactions can be made quickly and securely, at the push of a button. “It’s very fast. You just put the money here and send a code to your receiver and they get it immediately,” said Sour Sokchhay, 36, who acts as an agent for Wing (Cambodia), Cambodia’s leading mobile payments company.

Thanks for this phenomenal changes, many online bookies start invading this promising country. There are many people start making deposit and withdrawal through this e-wallet – Wingmoney. As we feel this happens, we decided to make you a list of bookies that either available in Cambodia, but also accept Wingmoney as their prioritized banking method.

You might be interested about the betting regulation and law of Cambodia, feel free to read more here!

Regarding to our reliability, we are teams of experts who focus on your safety and secure gambling experience. So any bookies that we have complied here are legitimate and trusted. So you should not worried, here is the list, let’s have a look:

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How to use Wingmoney at online getting site

There are 3 types of wing that you can choose from:


(Account to Account)

Sending money from one Wing account to another is so easy and fast! Best of all, it’s safe.

Need to send money to family, friends or partners anywhere in Cambodia? You can transfer funds from your Wing account instantly. All it takes is a few seconds on the Wing App and USSD. So simple!

Wing WeiLuy

(Account to Non-Account)

Want to send money from your Wing account to anyone in Cambodia? It’s now fast, easy, safe, and available anytime, anywhere!

The money can be withdrawn in either riel or US dollar at any of over 7,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents all over Cambodia!

Wei Luy Xpress

(Non-Account to Non-Account)

Even if both the sender and receiver don’t have a Wing account, transferring money is easy at over 7,000 Wing Cash Xpress nationwide.

This is how you make this feature even possible:


  1. Go to the nearest Wing Cash Xpress (WCX) outlet
  2. Tell the Wing Cash Xpress you want to transfer money
  3. Write down sender’s phone number, recipient’s phone number, and amount you want to transfer
  4. Give the money to Wing Cash Xpress
  5. Get receipt from Wing Cash Xpress
  6. Communicate the 8-digit code and the recipient phone number to the receiver to withdraw the money at any Wing Cash Xpress outlet


  1. Take 8-digit code and recipient’s phone number to the nearest Wing Cash Xpress outlet
  2. Tell the Wing Cash Xpress that you want to withdraw money. Please ensure you have your 8- digit code with you
  3. Write down sender’s phone number, recipient’s phone number, 8-digit code and amount
  4. Give the phone to the Wing Cash Xpress for verification
  5. Get the receipt and the money from Wing Cash Xpress and count it carefully before leaving



Online transaction is something still new to Cambodian betting community, but Wingmoney is really a plus and carrying a good sign for a better gambling experience for citizen in this area