W88 poker- W88 launches Mobile Poker Online


What a good news for gamblers at w88 who love Poker. The sportsbook ww88 officially launched an online poker application on mobile phones. For both iOS and Android.


w88 Poker

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For those who have experience playing online poker at other bookies, playing online at the website is quite inadequate. When you have to sit still, and the stability of the network is not like the applications installed on your phone

W88 announced the launch of Poker Online

Before the launch of this application. There were a lot of problems repeated due to the lack of network stability. For example, when you are preparing to try your luck wth poker then chance is gone because fo networking error. As a result, you get kicked out, and you can’t get to the table. It is very annoying!

Many customers contacted the online support W88 to complain about this issue. Perhaps because the people reported, the house decided to take an action. As a result, this hot hit Poker online application was born.

Finally, this handy product has been launched, with this application, the network will play a lot more stable. You will not have to worry about losing money unfairly.

How to play online poker at w88 mobile

  • Step 1: Log into your w88 account. If you do not have an account, you must register for a w88 account on the house’s system. After registration, proceed to login.
  • Step 2: Add money to your account to start playing online poker at the house w88.
  • Step 3: After making a deposit, choose online casino => select Poker => select the table of bets => choose the appropriate bet amount and start playing according to the rules set by the bookie.

If you win, of course you will not lose money but also receive a bonus. Conversely, if you lose, you will lose the amount you bet.

Surely through our sharing above, you already know the steps to play online poker at w88, right?

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