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Gambling regulations in Vietnam

viet nam mapGambling in Vietnam

Gambling has been becoming as a indispensable part of Vietnamese culture for a long time and betting on sport is not an exception, although it still remain somewhere in the grey area within our borders. With many hopes from gamblers in Vietnam, it is expected that lawmakers will make sport betting market legal soon in the future – or maybe legalizing on football – one of the most popular sport in vietnam.

Thanks to their ease of administration, It is still very easy for vietnamese to bet on the sport that they like. In fact, everyday, there are thousand bets carried out everyday by vietnamese punters. If you are interested in betting online in vietnam, then the first thing you to do is to check the legacy and license of the country in perspective. You might encounter with some offerings like accepted currency ( VND) or supported language( vietnamese), also some local banking methods.

Aside from the most popular sport which is football, you can find some fun at the fully legally option which is lottery.  This kind of option, you can literally find it everywhere on street as they sell it at all vendors all over the country. There are three main lotteries which are dependant on where you reside.

For gambling online, the process is like every other gambling sites which require you to deposit first, then place your bet, if the football team you bet win, then the amount of your wagering will be added back to your account together with the winnings from that bet.

vietnam street lottery

Vietnam street lottery

If you are lucky with your betting choice, more money will be added to your account. You can absolutely ask for a withdrawal for any amount as you wish.The bookie will send the money to you immediately. However, the total process might take you up to 4-5 business days.

What Sports Betting in Vietnam is Available?, we tend to emphasize on Asian market, including Vietnam market. We select these names because they offer Asian handicap betting, support Asian odds and formats, languages and currencies.

It is obvious that football is one of the overwhelmingly popular in vietnam. Before i make some discussion about football, I would like to show you how the odds work in Asian market, or to be more clear is in Vietnam market.

Bầu cua – The traditional gambling in Vietnam

The game is divided into turns and does not limit the number and number of players. At the beginning of the turn, three dice are shaken by the dealer (the organizer, manager, and operator of the game) and their results are kept private. Players place money on one or more mascots that they want, can place multiple mascots in a round and unlimited deposit.

When the deposit is finished, the dealer opens, announcing the dice result.

If one of the three dice appears the mascot the player has bet on, they will get back the bet and the house must pay the same amount of times that the mascot appears multiplied by the bet amount (Example: If Players bet 1,000 dong on the fish door and out a fish will be paid 1,000, out two fish are paid 2,000, out three fish are paid 3,000, and get back the amount you have bet) If the mascot The player who chooses not to appear, the bet amount goes to the dealer

Source: Bau Cua

Cockfighting – Đá gà

Fighting cock or fighting chicken is a popular folk game in the world. In Vietnam, this game has appeared since the Ly dynasty, brought by soldiers from Ly Thuong Kiet after the conquests Chiem Thanh. Many countries for animal protection reasons ban chicken fowl, such as in Brazil since 1934, in the UK since 1835.

What is the best betting site in VietNam

As the market is quite open for sportsbetting, so Vietnamese are able to bet on many sportsbooks which are very reputable in the industry. Today. we will make a list, it’s worth your time to see:

[table_list num=”4″ sort=”date” reviews=”1699, 1703, 1664, 1688, 1707, 1751, 1647 “]

What is European Decimal Odds?

One of the most popular and easiest odds for oyou to use is called European Decimal Odds or you can find its name like eur, Ero, Dec or DEcimal. This odd simply show you how many times the amount staked will return ( in case if you win). This kind of odds is easy ans widespread, so if you have any requests and inquiries, do not hesitate to contact your chosen sportsbook’s customer service to get helps.

Vietnam Betting Options for Other Sports

From sport category, we keep teling you football is the main focus, however you can find other sports which are basketball, badminton, tennis, Australian rules, cricket, ruby, baseball, Formula 1 and much more. Each sport has different odds, you should give it a try and figure it out their different odds.

What Are Betting Regulations Currently In Effect In Vietnam?

Decree 06 or Decree 06/2017/ND-CP is a five-year pilot program that legalizes betting on international football games, horse racing, and greyhound racing.

The government has also previously issued Decree 03 or Decree Number 03/2017/ND-CP, which allows casinos to accept wagers from Vietnamese punters for a period of three years. It should be noted that only casinos with a declared total investment capital of at least US$2 billion will be allowed to accept Vietnamese players. Minimum age is also 21 years old and players must have a monthly income of 10 million dongs.

How to get if your IP is blocked

So what if the website you like is blocked by internet service provider, then you will need to sign up for a “ Singapore VPN” as the country is not geographically far from vietnam and the speed is fast. Also, many bookies that accept Singapore players also accept residents of Vietnam.

ID Requirements

When using Asian bookies, they will require to submit some papers like a scan of your Photo ID and utility bill. Your ID can be driver’s license, or passport, people’s proof document. The utility bill can be your water ones or electricity but it has to be in your own name.

Using European Bookies

If you a legit punter and wanting more websites to shop odds, then you absolutely might have the idea of using European bookies, even though they do not have support in Vietnamese, the currency. Mostly, you will bet in English language using United States Dollar (USD). To make a deposit, you have to use Webmoney to deposit your money into your setup account.

If you choose to use European bookmakers you’ll need to set up an account with Click2Pay, Skrill, Neteller, ECOCard or another e-wallet. how to use these e-wallets is really difficult so we would like to recommend to use among those bookies that we recommended up there. Or else, we pretty sure you have to search for yourself some information how to use e-wallets in vietnam.

See our listed e – wallet:

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All the information, we has reviewed, we hope that it helps you understand more about how to bet in Vietnam markets, and how to choose a safe and trustworthy online bookies. we also offer you some alternatives in case if you are looking for more options at betting. But we think, the recommendation list is just enough for you to have fun and win some money.

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