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Gambling in ThaiLand

If you are a Thai frequent gambler, You can see that there is a list of issues if you place your bet at any land-based sportsbook or casino. Because in the legacy of Thailand, it’s stated that if you make any bet, even just with your friends or any well-known casinos or sportsbooks and they don’t pay out your winnings. There would be no legal recourse. The law treats it just the same as if the bet never existed. But you are lucky as today we won’t review on some land-based casino or sportsbook. We only focus on the online gambling industry which is blooming and has become the most favourite way to place to bet. And plus, those sportsbooks are all well licensed and regulated by trict regulators, such as the Philippines Gambling Commission, to make sure that your winning will be cashed out.

In this article, will help you choose the best online betting offer Thai, we have you covered by the details about deposit, withdraw, as well as discussing betting options in thailand Markets which is including odds, sports and markets.

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A brief history about gambling

Before you deep in the what to gamble in ThaiLand, Let’s look at the brief history. ThaiLand is known for one of the leading country in the number of its people involving in gambling. Gambling has become a feature, a dispensable part in their life. There are some games which are popular, for example: Local Siamese which includes cockfights, bullfights, and bota race.

In the late 19th century, ThaiLand started forming a new type of gambling, due to the increase in demand of gambling in ThaiLand. The name of the new type is Siam which was originally from China and introduced from foreign traders and immigrants. Siam, the previous name is Huay lottery, has made gambling hit the mainstream.

Despite of the popularity of gambling, there is still some barrier form gambling lovers. As in 1935, the first act was passed on restriction on gambling. So other than horse races or the government-sponsored Thai lottery, is prohibited in Thailand. The Playing Cards Act prohibits private ownership of more than 120 playing cards without approval of the government.

Football has become widely spread among the population of Thailand. However, It has just added to the listed of restricted gambling sport. Even if you love to gamble in at land-based sportsbook then you are about to break the law.

The biggest concern Thais gamblers face is according to the law, gambling debts are not enforceable. Usually, this happens when anyone goes gambling is whether their bookie will pay them on a winning more  than the issue that they face to the police. Online betting provides a solution. The bets do not actually take place in Thailand. When using Asian Bookies from Philippines and Isle of Man, gambling debts then become legally enforceable.

One more thing, i want to always remember, as the police and the government don’t appear to be very interested in those gambling online. Even so, we recommend that you keep such activities private to avoid any potential prosecution.

Asian Bookies for Thailand

Many countries in the world hold legal gambling licenses which allows people all over the world to place bets. In Asia area, we have Philippines and in the UK territory of the Isle of Man, there is what’s referred to as Asian bookies. The operators of those sportsbook attempted to create a website that supports Asian odds, Asian handicap and also the currency. We found some of top-notch ones support Thai language and Baht ( THB).

We provide you a list you can choose to place your bet:


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What sport can you place a bet on?

Other than those traditional sports as we mentioned. Football and basketball are the two most popular sports to wager on in Thailand. Thais can basically are able to bet on games from all over the world, including the Thai Premier League, the English Premier League and other major football leagues such as Bundesliga. Major competitions including the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup also receive tons of action. Football really became a thing in ThaiLand as a survey in 2014 concluded that nearly ฿43 billion was wagered on the World Cup alone in Thailand. This translates to $1.3 billion in total wagers for that one event.

In this section I will explain just three ways to bet on football in Thailand.

  • One/Draw/Away – (also called 1X2) Example: If you bet on Liverpool to win and the match finishes a draw, your bet is a loser.
  • Draw No Bet – (also called home/away) is a wagering option where the draw is not used. You bet on one team or the other.
  • Asian Handicap – (also called a point spread) Football handicap is usually evaluated on the understanding the physical and psychological conditions o the team. For example, Southampton are hosting Liverpool. so obviously The reds are far more having possibility to win that match. This fact is so obvious that everyone knows it, and of course the bookie is not an exmaple.In such occasions bookie needs to courage you to bet on the weak team by giving a higher odds , that is what every sportsbooks do, Asian handicap Bet365 is a good example.

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For basketball,there are some options for you to choose which are PBA, the CBA in China, the NBA in the U.S. as well as the Chang Thailand Slammers in the ABL. Other popular sports include baseball, hockey, cricket, golf and American leagues such as the NFL, MLB and NHL. You can even bet on boxing, MMA and esports.

How to deposit and withdraw your money?

You can actually find a lot of trusted online bookies in Thailand, depositing them can be very difficult. Since online gambling is illegal in Thailand, they usually block you from making a deposit directly from your credit card or bank account. You can even be arrested if they caught you trying to deposit by those banking method.

Instead, you will need to use an e-wallet to fund your account.Some of th e-wallet that you can use to deposit your wallet without any isues. Some of them are:

Payment MethodTypeWithdraw Time
Read more
neteller-logo Neteller2 or 3 business daysRead more
Help2pay Help2pay5 or 10 business daysRead more
astropay-logo Astropay2 or 3 business daysRead more
Ecopay-logo Ecopayz3 up to 7 business days Read more
bookieexpert-deposit-methods-skrill-logo Skrill2 or 3 business daysRead more

However, you will have to convert funds from THB to euro or GBP before making your deposit. The best thing about using e-wallets is that you can also use them to cash out winnings. Deposits are available instantly, and you can cash out to your e-wallet in within 24 to 48 hours.

Traditional gambling in Thailand


Thailand is a reign of lottery, this style of gambling is popular even for women and men. In this country, women accounts for 62.7% taking part in placing bets on lottery. The goverment has reported that much of 10$ billion spent on illegal gambling is said to be spent in huay tai in lotteries which is “underground lottery houses”. The number of money spent on Lottery and other gambling forms is continuously increasing and triple the amount that people spent on legal lottery that are issued by the goverment.

How to get if your IP is blocked 

So what if the website you like is blocked by internet service provider, then you will need to sign up for a VPN. For some countries, you have to buy your VPN account which is around $80-$100. Let’s take Hongkong is an example as the country is not geographically far from ThaiLand and the speed is fast. Also, many bookies that accept Hongkong players also accept residents of ThaiLand.


The information, we has reviewed, we hope that it helps you understand more about how to bet in Thailand markets, and how to choose a safe and trustworthy online bookies. we also offer you some alternatives in case if you are looking for more options at betting. But we think, the recommendation list is just enough for you to have fun and win some money.

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