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Gambling regulation in taiwan

An overview of Gambling in Taiwan

When we conduct some surveys about the status of regulation in Taiwan. We could say that nearly all forms of gambling are illegal in Taiwan. Just like gambling regulations in Asia. Gambling is prohibited by the Criminal Code of the Republic of China. The legislation doesn’t specifically mention internet play, but we would recommend that you you keep such activities private to avoid any potential prosecution.

In regard of which games are legal in Taiwan, there are some state-run lotteries, like  Uniform Invoice lottery. Some gambling – style games ( like cards and mahjong) are allowed either on special days or under special restricted circumstances. Other than that, the entire country is a no-gambling zone.

Even so, gambling is big business in Taiwan Many people also enjoy sports betting, wagering Chinese chess and playing real money poker.  Survey finds that each year 1,072,052 Taiwanese visitor came to Macau for gambling purpose. This is a huge number considering our population is under 24 million, and shows how much Taiwanese love to gamble.

In this article I discuss Taiwan gambling law, its history, and our legal forms of betting. While does not advocate breaking the law, I provided the link to betting online, because this is gambling and gambling involves risk. You choose what to do and decide whether to take risk or not.

Gambling law in Taiwan

As the law stated back to 1928 while still ruling mainland China. The fine is quire strict and harsh for gamblers.It is stated  chapter 21 of the Taiwan Criminal Code has only five short articles (266-270) that cover the penalties for unlawful gambling. The fines are all in Chinese yaun and at the time of this article 1 yuan is 4.62 Taiwan New Dollars (TWD).

If any social gambling in public gets caught by police, the penalty is a fine up to 1000 yuan. However, Taiwanese are allowed to gamble on some special occasion, on some special games. If you are hosting gambling games in your home, or wagering for high stakes, you can be charged under Article 268 which is a fine of 3000 yuan and up to 3-years in prison.

The penalty for gambling as a source of profession (as a player) is up to 2-years in prison. The penalties for involvement in illegal lottery are even stricter. For agents this is 6-months in prison.

Like Gambling in Vietnam, The penalty for gambling can be is up to 7  years depending on the situation.

Pursuant to Article 321 of the 2015 Penal Code, amending and supplementing 2017 with regulations on gambling, for this act of gambling with money of 5,000,000 VND or more will be prosecuted.

Are gambling debts enforceable in Taiwan jurisdiction?

We would say no. According to the Article 71 of Taiwan’s Civil Code provides that a juridical act which violates an imperative or prohibitive provision of the law is void. Taiwan courts will thus not enforce a gambling debt incurred in Taiwan.However, Taiwan courts do enforce gambling debts incurred in a jurisdiction where the wager is legal

Although Taiwan does provide some games that are legal to place a bet and win some money, the odd are quite poor. That’s why Taiwan residents looking for any foreign that provide good odds and specially offer betting accounts is NT$ (TWD), and support various languages including English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. As the The police and the government don’t appear to be very interested in those gambling online, so whether using these websites is legal or not, remains a gray area. Always be aware of some threats regarding to the law to make sure you won’t get yourself some troubles

We provide you a list you can choose to place your bet:

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We have conducted a survey about the best bookie in Asia that provide a good odds and promotions and more than that is they have to be accepted by countries in Asia. They offer by far the best odds on Chinese CBA basketball, NBA basketball, other American sports, and football (soccer) competitions from around the globe. Players from Taiwan can deposit here using bank wire, and the fee is simply the standard bank charge for wire transfers.

How to deposit and withdraw your money?

While there are plenty of reputable online sportsbooks serving Taiwan, depositing from local can be tricky. Since online gambling is illegal in Taiwan, almost all banks will block you from making a deposit directly from your bank account.So in this article we won’t list for you

Instead, you will need to use an e-wallet to fund your account.Some of th e-wallet that you can use to deposit your wallet without any isues. Some of them are:

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How to get if your IP is blocked

So what if the website you like is blocked by internet service provider, then you will need to sign up for a VPN. For some countries, you have to buy your VPN account which is around $80-$100. Let’s take Singapore is an example as the country is not geographically far from Taiwan and the speed is fast. Also, many bookies that accept Singapore players also accept residents of Taiwan.

If the method seems unfamiliar with you, do not be worried as this method is apply for other countries where has strict regulation on gambling like gambling regulation in thailand.  And fortunate, it does work.

What are the tax and other compulsory levies?

Welfare Lottery: 40% of the Sports Lottery profits are appropriated to the national pension system, 5% to the national health insurance programme, and 45% to local welfare funds.

Sports Lottery: 10% of the Sports Lottery profits are appropriated to the Welfare Lottery and the remaining 90% is used for sports development.


The information, we has reviewed, we hope that it help you understand more about how to bet in Vietnam markets, and how to choose a safe and trustworthy online bookies. we also offer you some alternatives in case if you are looking for more options at betting

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