Secret of the Stones Slot Review – A Good Game for Beginners!


Secret of the Stones slot machine is an old classic video slot machine like Starburst slot. They are all famous since the days when the only way to play was the reel and the handle.

The slot was one of the very first all-in-one machine slots on the market and remains to this day one of the most well-liked and popular slot machines. Many of you may remember playing the Secret of the Stones slot with your family and friends back in the days when the machine was first released.

The thing about that particular slot machine is that it really is fun to play and the machine’s sound effects and graphics really add to the fun as well. If you’re looking for a nostalgic fun slot machine that is fun to play with and look at the Secret of the Stones may be exactly what you’re looking for.

How to Play the Online Slot

To get started with Secret of the Stones, you need to know a little bit about how this slot machine works. You start by selecting a five-letter word that best describes the area where the light is hitting on the reels. This is important because it helps determine which symbol to place next in sequence in order to get the winning combination. Next, the machine will tell you whether to spin or not. Spinning means paying out that much money and not losing another single bet until the next symbol is called out. If you’re spinning and you get the winning symbol then you win and the computer wins.

Bonus Features

The real fun comes from the bonus features of the Secret of the Stones slot machine. There are two cash bonus icons on the reels that allow you to quickly add credits to your winnings. Some of the other additional credits allow you to buy more coins, pay for big jackpots, or get items that you wouldn’t normally find in the slot machines such as colored balls or dice.

It’s easy to see why the Secret of the Stones slot machine is one of the favorites at many casinos worldwide. One of the bonuses that the company provides is its “ten free spins” when you sign up for the program. Here’s a review of the ten free spins that you’ll receive when you access the site:

The first ten free spins all have different odds, but if you hit two of them you will be given a freeroll. You can also purchase additional credits to add to your initial credits in case you lose on any of the reels. Each time you place a spin on the Secret of the Stones slot machine you will get one free spin. You have to collect all the stars on the reels before you are allowed to take another step on the path to riches.

You can collect up to nine reels on this exciting new online slot machine and win big money. The online game of Secret of the Stones requires a strategy to win, and you can learn more about it by visiting the newest slot secret website. This website will provide you with tips and advice about how to beat the game. If you’re looking for a new online casino game that will provide you with hours of fun, this one will definitely fit the bill. To download the Secret of the Stones software, visit the official website today.

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