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Macaubet review – Updated alternative link in 2020

Macaubet has been around since 2003 and is the largest bookmaker in Indonesia. Since the first day serving in the industry, they targeted only for Indonesian gamblers, but now they have expanded into Asian countries as well. Please also note that Macaubet online gambling site also has an official license from a well-known online gambling company, Cagayan Leisure Resort Corporation, so of course this will further increase the credibility of the Macaubet online gambling site itself.  At the same time, its strong retail arm has given it a high amount of brand equity that helps it maintain its prestige among punters. is a trusted online gambling site brand and serves the deposit and withdrawal process very quickly. They also offer several other gambling games such as Casino Online, Texas Hold’em Poker and Togel Online.

With a wide range of markets, promotions like the Macaubet’s promotions and a comprehensive live betting platform, this staple Indonesian bookie has established itself as one of the leading operators not only in Indonesia, but internationally. We’ve covered absolutely everything you need to know in this Macaubet review, so read on and find out why you should play with them.

Alternative links at Macaubet

Latest Macaubet Alternative Link 2020. Those links work exactly like those offered by other famous sportsbook like 188bet. Macaubet betting site is an online soccer betting site that is worldwide in 2018. Many countries also play this online soccer betting game, and most of them come from Asian countries including: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Macaubet site is very suitable to be played for you true gamblers who thirst for victory. So if you have any problems relating to sign up or log in. Feel free to use one of our provided links below:

Betting on Sports at Macaubet


Macaubet claims to cover some of the most major markets for you to bet on at any given time. Here’s a list of the major markets they take action on:
Horse Racing
Motor Sport

Live betting at Macaubet

Can I bet live?  Yes, you can. Right after you arrive at the sportsbook, You can see a table of LIVE betting.

Other reviews have said their in-play section is limited – that there’s not much you can bet on. However, when I last checked

them out they had TONS of options ranging from tennis to basketball to football (soccer).

I also thought their live section was organized real well – especially relative to their site as a whole.

For example, in the football section they were covering several football leagues. You can sort through the leagues you want to bet on by pressing a tab. This is far better than having to sort through all of them on one page. The way Macaubet has done it, you only see the leagues and matches you want to see.

Macaubet Bonuses and promotions


For those of you looking to open an account with Macaubet, the bookie currently has a lot of offers available, for example those are lucky draw macaubet and lucky ticket 9. Those are definitely one of the best sports betting bonuses out there.

Let me take one example of how Macaubet promotion works Lucky draw macaubet:
Lucky Draw will be divided into 2 SESSIONS, namely SESSION 1 and SESSION 2.

  • SESSION 1 contains 10 prize draws, 25th to 16th winners. The prize for the winner of the LUCKY DRAW SESSION 1 raffle is Rp. 100,000, – for each winner.
  • SESSION 2 contains 15 prize draws, namely the 15th winner to the 1st winner. Here are the prizes for the LUCKY DRAW SESSION 2 lottery winners:
  1. Grand Prize of Rp. 4,000,000 (four million rupiah)
  2. 2nd Prize of Rp. 2,500,000 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah)
  3. 3rd Prize of Rp. 1,500,000 (One Million and Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah)
  4. The prize for the 4th to 15th lottery winners is Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah)

This is fairly standard for the more established bookmakers, which tend to give more modest bonuses than many of the upstart competitors. The minimum odds are 1.5 (or 1/2 in fractional), which is lower than many of the others. However, for football punters, there’s another offer that will suit your fancy. The types of bets and the number of football leagues are plentiful, with the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A among the eligible markets.

Customer Services at Macaubet

Macaubet’s customer service is full-serviced: always at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They have your usual channels of help: you can phone, email, or live chat any of their customer service representatives. This bookie another great way to get in touch that truly answers to how social media can help facilitate queries: whatsapp which is similar to Live chat. When you hit the contact us button at the Footer bar, you’ll see a tab with the four different options. Many bookies have customer options, but it is truly unique to adopt Skype as a means of answering customer needs like is often done in the media and in retail.

Live chat: yes

About the Macaubet experience on mobile devices


The website of Macaubet has a friendly interface with mobile devices, so users can comfortably surf and use Macaubet on phones and tablets using browsers. Of course Macaubet also has an app version for users to install and use more conveniently on their devices. But note that the application will not be fully functional and services that the dealer provides as on the website. However, you do not need to worry about banking function online. They allow customers to withdraw and deposit at application.

Is it convenient to send and withdraw money at Macaubet?

This bookie understands the importance of banking methods with the relation of its customers’ satisfaction. Macaubet always treats it as a focus in promoting the quality of its services. They have tried their best to cut down the pending time of withdrawing and deposit.

* Forms of deposit can be used: BCA, Mandiri, Bnak BRI, CIMB NIGARA.

Steps to deposit money to Macaubet via bank:

Step 1: Please contact Customer Support to get the bank account information to transfer. Click here.

Step 2: Then transfer the money to the bank account provided by Macaubet.

Step 3: Next please log into your Macaubet account

– Click on the $ Fund section

– In the list of options for transferring money, select Transfer

– Select the method of Bank Transfer

– Enter the required information on the website and click Finish

– Member will receive a transaction number when clicking successfully completed through the the registered email.

Details of steps to cash out withdrawal

Members need to log in to their Macaubet account then follow these steps:

– Click Fund $> Withdrawal> Bank transfer.

– Enter the withdrawal amount, select the withdrawal bank, enter the phone number to receive the notice.

– Click Withdraw to complete the request.

What bookieexpert says about Macaubet

Macaubet is constantly improving the quality of its already good service to meet the needs of customers from regions with more diverse needs. At the present time, for an Asian customer, the market that Macaubet focused on exploiting from the beginning, Macaubet does not have much to criticize and it will certainly be much better in the near future.


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