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Casino889 review – Casino889 alternative link (Updated 2020)


Casino889 sportsbook screenshot

Casino889 is a top 10 bookmaker established in the UK in 2005. After a period of operation, recognizing the potential betting market of Southeast Asian countries, the bookie has boldly invested and set up a branch in Cambodia in August 2008.

With nearly 15 years of operation in the field of online betting, the casino889 bookmaker has brought players to many attractive games, sports betting and received the love from thousands of members.

Casino889 alternative link

Casino889 is available in almost all countries, however, a few ISPs in certain countries have banned the site from their users. unfortunately, Casino889 doesn’t provide any alternative links, meaning your only recourse is to use a VPN.

However, if you don’t want to use a VPN for whatever reason, one alternative is to use the bookmaker 188bet  instead! They accept players from all countries, same as Casino889 does, but they also offer alternative links for those times when ISPs try to get involved in civil activity!

Promotions and bonuses at the casino889 bookie

When talking about any famous bookie, it is impossible not to mention the promotions that the bookmakers is offered to its members. And at casino889, they have provided same program like other giant Asian – focused bookie like with M88 or 188bet bookie, the bookie is always interested in attracting customers by regularly designing valuable gifts such as good bonus program when recharging cards, refunding bets whether the player wins or loses .

These gifts not only provide material value, but also provide a significant emotional incentive for betting players, from losers to winners. As long as you are ready to participate, casino889 will have a gift for you.

In order to maximize the opportunity to double the chance to receive a lot of fun and win the winnings, players need to regularly update the promotion information by clicking the “get promotional information from bookie” button.

Betting products review at Casino889

The casino889 dealer is always attempting to bring and assure the perfect service for betting players by providing the most exciting experience from the huge, rich game store.

You are a person who likes gambling. Then casino 889 is absolutely your greatest detination. Here, you will be able to experience hundreds of attractive card games such as baccarat, blackjack, dice, advanced cards, scratch cards, poker cards, crabs, etc. or highly entertaining and lottery games deals, bingo, and many other card games.

If you are not familiar with football betting but are passionate about sports and would like to try to use the ability and understanding of the team in betting, casino889 offers its customers with detailed instructions on how to play for each type of betting, experience for choosing a suitable odds. In addition to football betting, players can also find betting on the famous sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, bridge, boxing and ect.

User experience at Casino889

Casino889’s website interface is similar to that of the 12bet bookie, the main color is black combined with large content tabs in yellow text, while the other content is designed in white coloured texts. Thanks to the dark background, highlighting the content displayed on the web helps users easily select the information that they want to learn.

The most striking and impressive feature for users is 3 big tabs of ‘Play demo’, ‘Deposit’, ‘Withdraw”. This allows players to participate immediately without registering for an account. However, if you consider this an investment, you should create an account for yourself to manage your money.

The downside of the interface is that it provides quite a lot of information on the homepage, however, thanks to the logical arrangement and prominent font color, even though the content is still much, it does not make viewers feel uncomfortable.

Bonus and promotions at Casino889


casino889 promotion and bonus

Casino889 is known as one of the dealers who spend heavily on promotions and VIP programs.

This bookmaker often offers 100% first deposit bonus programs, promotional programs for all new and existing members, as well as incentive programs for loyal customer service.

Here’s how to claim the Casino889 promotions:

Log-in to
Place a single bet on the qualifying fixture.
Once the game starts, Casino889 will credit you with an Bet.

Banking method at Casino889

Casino889 accepts many banking methods for all banks, so deposits and withdrawal processes are quite simple and convenient. Regarding the transfer method similar to the banker or any other e-commerce transaction website, you can choose to transfer via internet banking, transfer money via ATM or perform at a bank transaction office. Deposit time into the account is also very fast, usually only after about 30 minutes -1 hours maximum from the time the house receives the money.

Besides, the biggest advantage of this bookie is the extremely fast and lightweight liquidity. When withdrawing money, you can choose one of two ways: place a withdrawal order on the website or write a withdrawal message using the phone number that you used to register before. After only 5 minutes you can receive money to your account.

With security always on top, the website uses 128bit SSL encryption which is one of the most secure encryption methods used in most modern encryption algorithms and technologies. 128-bit encryption is considered to be logically unbreakable. So the information of all the customer information when registering is encrypted into another language, helping to ensure information security. Even if the website is hacked it cannot steal the data you provided. So you can feel secure when registering for an account, providing information and trading with Casino889.

Steps to register, deposit, withdraw money at Casino889

Registration: although the bookie provides trial accounts at casino889 but if the player chooses this is an investment channel, it is advisable to protect his account information as well as his pocket money by registering an account as instructed.

  1. Visit the official website of the dealer and press the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Then fill in the information in the form and complete the registration.

Deposit money: casino889’s deposit process is quite simple, it takes less than 1 minute to complete the deposit.

  1. Visit the home of the casino889 and press the ‘Deposit’ button.
  2. Fill out the information in the form and click Deposit.

Withdrawal: the withdrawal process of casino889 is quite simple and fast, no less than depositing. The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit the home of the dealer and press the ‘Withdraw’ button.
  2. Fill out the information in the form and click withdraw.

Customer service of Casino889

Casino889 has a customer team that works 24/7/365 through many different forms of support including the most commonly used support types such as Live Chat, Email, Phone. Casino889’s staff is judged to be professional when dealing with customer problems and inquiries quickly, professionally and effectively.

Casino889 contact

Live chat: Yes

FAQs: Yes

Phone: +84 812889889

Viber: 84 812889889

An extremely important point is that beside English the website has a Vietnamese interface and support staff in Vietnamese so you will not have any problems with the language barrier.


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