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Malaysiamap Gambling in Malaysia

Through the evaluation process, BookieExpert can see that here is no difference in terms of gambling regulations in Malaysia, compared to other Asian countries like Gambling regulations in Thailand . It is technically illegal there, either land-based or digital sportsbook. However, while you can’t find any local firm but hosts an internet gambling base in Malaysia, in their law, there is no statement that involving in online is illegal. Maybe it happens due to the laws on the books were created decades ago when internet was not the popular and none of them mention the act of placing bets online.

Everyday, many Malaysians place bets over the internet. The great thing that you them so into sport betting online. Cause there are many foreign betting website that accepts customers from Malaysia and support in Malay and even all process of deposit anf withdrawal in the National currency – Ringgits.

However, that doesnt mean that you are risk free when gambling in Malaysia. But in our opinion, For those who are reading this article must be adults and that means you are responsible enough to make your own decision. Most Malaysian who gamble online do so without a worry in the world. If you don’t want to risk you money, you just have to find any bookie that is licensed, trusted,easy to pay out, make deposits, user-friendly.

Reading here, we have one advice for you. If you have any intention to gamble online in Malaysia, do not gamble at any website that based in Malaysia, local sites based in Malaysia are 100%  illegal and operate underground with zero regulation which can risk your money.  In other words, you’re less likely to be “caught” gambling when you do business with a site that operates legally in a gambling-friendly nation.

Traditional gambling – Mahjong


Mahjong is a game from China, commonly played by four players (with some three-player variations found in Korea and Japan). The four-player table version is not the same as the single player tile matching game Mahjong solitaire. Similar to the Western card game rummy, mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance.

Source: Mahjong

Gambling regulation

Betting act 1953

Following the Betting Act of 1953, ‘common betting houses’ are illegal in Malaysia, so anyone operating as a sports bookmaker or found betting in one is breaking the law. Even when it comes to telecommunications and other means of transmitting bets between customers and betting houses are considered illegal.

The act stated that any gambling activities can get fined up to 200,000 ringgits and 5 years in jail for those hosting a website.

Common Gaming Houses Act 1953

This law appears that Malaysia has no interest in pursuing individual online gamblers. This act criminalized operating a gaming house and even being caught inside one. Any person caught inside a gaming house is subject to a fine of up to 5,000 ringgits and up to six months in prison.

Popular Markets

When it comes to sport betting. It is true that Badminton is probably the sport that Malaysia has had most success in, but the most popular one should be the most popular game in the country. When gambling, you can easy find this football matches in the country’s domestic Super League, as well as the major European divisions (particularly the English Premier League). Other than footbal leagues, you can also find someegal betting at horse races is also popular among non-Muslim citizens, while Sports Toto, a 4D (four-digit) lottery operator, has around 680 outlets across the country.

There is one very big casino land-based which is big in Maylaysia. It is Genting island  ( Tanah Tinggi Genting). Of course, not everyone have time for moving frequently to the place to gamble, there are other online betting options based overseas. Bet365, which offers both a sportsbook and a casino, not only accepts Malaysian players, but also allows deposits to be made in Malaysian ringgits.

Using our Recommended Sportsbooks in Malaysia

There are two types of foreign bookies that are easy and trusted for Malaysian. The first one, you can choose any Asian bookies that based in the Philippines where is well-known for one of the most gambling – friendly nation in Asia. There are many game options fo Malaysian to choose from football to basketball, tennis and other sports. You can find a lot of promotion based on the  location like for example free bets for Malaysia account. These websites operate in multiple languages including English and Chinese, and support multiple currencies including USD, EUR, and of course Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

The sportsbook that we strongly recommend to you is shown at the table below:


Welcome Bonus 100%


Welcome bonus is worth 100% up to $138


100% welcome bonus up to $138

Other than Asian bookie, Malaysia might can find other alternative which is European bookmakers. However that are not as easy to deposit with as Asian bookies. Still, they are worth looking into as they offer very solid features, and with the right tips you can enjoy some of the best online betting from Malaysia at these sites. But we would bot recommend you to place any your bet to the bookie that doesn’t have any Asian presence. It sounds skeptical.

Malaysian Odds Format

Understanding Malaysian Odds Format is one of the crucial step that move you to the sucess.

Malaysian odds or Malay odds is often used by more experienced punters. Odds using this method are described in positive or negative odds.

Negative Malay Odds. Bettors will receive more than even money when the odds are negative. This is because you dealt with an underdog with has 50% lesser chance of winning.
Positive Malay Odds. This type of betting odd means that what you bet on has 50% more chance of winning.

Banking Methods

Though above, we did mention that you can use local bank to make transaction if you gamble at Asian bookie. However, as it is still illegal to wager in Malaysia. So it will be very risky for you.

We would loev to introduce to you some other alternative that we think it will be much more better. There are some other option for you which are widely accepted in many bookie, Let’s have a look at the table below:

Payment MethodTypeWithdraw Time
Read more
neteller-logo Neteller2 or 3 business daysRead more
Ecopay-logo EcoPayz2 or 3 business daysRead more
bookieexpert-deposit-methods-skrill-logo Skrill2 or 3 business daysRead more

So if you have any problem with one of the e-wallet here, you always have other alternatives that welcome you.

Final thoughts

We hope that thanks to this page, you feel more confident about betting at our recommended sites. You can join and play from pretty much all our listed sportsbooks from Malaysia, especially if you have a Neteller account. If we’ve recommended it here at Bookieexpert, you can sign up knowing you’ll get a good and safe experience. Goodluck!

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