Sport betting online in Laos – Everything you need to know before betting

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An overview of Laos betting sport

For the Southeast Asia, Online betting is very popular, yet finding ones that cater Laos residents is another story. If you are from Laos, you can’t find any legit options, neither languages nor currency. They are the only ASEAN member is this in case. All of these things make online betting in Laos is pretty difficult. However, if there is a will, there’s a way for you. Let’s have a look at this article, we will try to cover some basic things you need to do if you are from Laos and want to bet.

Playing on the Internet

You might have a question whether any form of legal sport betting in Laos, we could say there was before which named Laotian Sports Lottery. But due to the undeveloped of international competition, the Laotian Sports Lottery had low sales. At the same times, the government asked for adding more taxes. All of those demands led to the occasion of cancellation in 2007.

Betting on Laos is technically illegal, that’s why there are a handful of online casinos based in Lao PDR, where it is possible to settle in person using cash. Maybe you might find a premier entertainment center called Savan Vegas and  located Savannakhet Province, Lao P.D.R. At thes time we did this review, we could not find any gambling commission to check if these Laotian game-operators are offering fair games. It means there is agents for you to look for if the company refuses to pay when you win.

So, in our opinion, either you are not Laos resident but currently living there or you are Laos residents, using foreign online casino and bookies is much safer option for you. Of course, you should be well aware that knowing english is one of strength that can help you throughout your betting experience. Those foreign sportsbooks can be resided in the Philippines, United Kingdom (UK), and several other countries where gambling is legal. These countries are approved by the governments, so their gambling commissions make sure to offer some fair games to their customers. This is a very common solution that is applied for gambling in Thailand . according to that, we can say choosing a online ans trusted bookies is the safest options.

If you are interested in gambling law in Asia, you definitely don’t wan to miss this section.

The best sport betting site in Laos:

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Using Thai Bookies

This is one of the most utilizing way which bet at some sportsbook that allows for ThaiLand. This would be possible if you live near a Lao-Thai Border. Some bookie accept a large number of thai customers and they do accept Lao PDR residents. From that permission, you can use Laos address and phone number to register a betting account that uses Thailand currency. With this kind of account, each of your deposit or withdrawal will be carried on by using Thai local bank. If you do have yet a Thai local bank, then you should make for yourself an account for easier betting experience.

Using Western Union

Or if you are not interested in using local bank, you can think about using Western Union. For transfering you will have to bring Laos Kip to an agent to transfer your money. Western Union locations are located in Entreprise Des Postes LAO post offices and in the branches of Lao Development Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, Indochina Bank, St Bank, Phongsavanhbank, Agricultural Promotion Bank, Lao-Viet Bank and Acleda Bank. However. it is not a viable option for betting online.

Using MoneyGram Lao

MoneyGram is a legit competitor to Western Union. They have carried on a lot of program in order to attract more customers by offering lower fees. You can easily find agents t BCEL (Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao), Thai Military Bank, Joint Development Bank, SCB and SC Money Transfer branches. Once you decide to use MoneYGram, then you have to bring you Lao Kips to a agent to transfer the currency to United States dollars

Wire Transfer

Bank wires can be made from any bank you have an account with. If your bank declines your transfer request (as this is an outward international remittance that requires approval) then perhaps change banks. My personal experience suggests BCEL is the best bank to use for international transfer.

Getting Paid

Once you can earn your winning, you can withdraw all of your money in your account, accept for those restricted by the terms of an accepted bonus offer. The withdrawal process is just easy as thousands bookies.You just need to simply log-in to your account, visit the cashier, click withdraw and complete the request. For Laotian, you can choose from the above three banking methods that we reviewed.

How to get if your IP is blocked

So what if the website you like is blocked by internet service provider, then you will need to sign up for an account for VPN as to any country which is not geographically far from Laos and the speed is fast. Also, many bookies that accept residents of Laos.

Laos traditional gambling

In the country, This is one very famous sport which name Sepak Takraw. It is played by many generations and thoughout the region. How to played it was kind of similar to volayball just except the part that players haveto use their feet, knees, chest or head to volley the ball over the net. Each time is called regus, consists of 4 players. The explanation for the name is Sepak is Malay word for Sepak meanwhile the word Takraw stands for the word ” Kick” in Thai and Laos language. Or in another word for this sport is ” Kick ball”. Fun fact about this sport is  Sepak takraw is also a popular game for gambling in Malaysia in the past.

This is a game that is well-presented in Asian games. The Lao women’s team won the Gold Medal in the 4th Asian Beach Games and the Silver Medal in the 17th Asian Games in 2014.That’s how it is going to be a popular form of gambling in Laos.

Fighting that does not involve human participation is also popular for betting. In Laos,  cockfighting is very popular. They usually let two cocks which are not equipped with blades so they often survive the bouts. Another game counds a bit funny as it called beetle flights, this game is  a popular gambling sport in ethnic-Tai areas of Laos.

In Laos we also bet plenty on human sports too. ka-taw (ກະຕໍ້) and Pétanque are especially popular here.

Conclusion about gambling in Laos

All the information, we has reviewed, we hope that it helps you understand more about how to bet in Laos markets and be well – aware of the regulations what are in in effect, and how to choose a safe and trustworthy online bookies. We also offer you some alternatives in case if you are looking for more options at betting. So all the best for you

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