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Gambling regulation in Indonesia

The Introduction

Let bookieExpert briefly introduce to you one country which the majority of the population is muslim – Indonesia. Because of this, casino and gambling activities are illegal in Indonesia, including casinos, poker rooms, bingo rooms, bingo halls as well as betting shop all over the country.

Long time ago, there was a state-run lottery in Indonesia in the past, but a great number of Muslim citizens protested against it. That is why the lottery was discontinued. Indonesia seems to go against the trend, due to the rest of Asia is reportedly seeing huge growth in the area of online gambling. This is despite a recent report from accountants PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), who suggest that the gambling industry in Asia is set to skyrocket in value from $34 billion to nearly $80 billion over the next few years.

As gambling activities are strictly in Indonesia, so any debt related to gambling is not enforceable. However, if you are looking a way to place your bet when you are in Indonesia. Then do not worry, we will give some guide in this article.

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The traditional gambling type in Ubud, Bali, Indoneisa

Balinese traditional street gambling, the game called kocok or mong-mongan with fields saying Eagle, Old Man, Girl, Fish, Frog and Lion in Indonesian

The rules of this game are very simple, divided into several turns without limitation on the number of players. At the beginning of the turn, the dealer will shake 3 dice vigorously and the result will be kept inside the cup. At that time, everyone participating in the game can put money into the field cells that they like, note that it is possible to place many mascots at the same time without fear of being limited as well as the deposit limit. After the player’s bet has been completed, the dealer opens the dice to announce the dice result. When the dice result appears, the guest will get back the bet + the bet multiplied by the number of mascot appearances in the 3 dice.

The best Asian Bookies

The first thing, you should know is If you place a bet at some legal foreign sportsbooks which are licensed by The Philippines authority or any company based in Isle of Man, which is a British Crown Dependency – meaning they are essentially a UK based company. Then the debts between you and the bookies will be enforceable.

When it come choosing which site is the best for betting can be a lot of confusion. Below you can our list of the best sportsbook that you can place your bets. You can easy find a sportsbook that offers the Indonesian currency or support languages is Indonesian.

Let’s give you an example which is 188Bet is a company based in Isle of Man, which is a British Crown Dependency – meaning they are essentially a UK based company. They have been heavily involved in advertising in the UK; they were the official shirt sponsors of the Premier League’s Wigan Athletic from 2009-2011, are the current betting sponsors of Liverpool FC and also sponsor Bolton Wanderers F.C. who are in the Championship. While they do not support Indonesian language, they do offer IDR currency and take deposits from six Indonesian banks. It may also be possible to deposit here using credit or debit card through EntroPay.

The good things when you bet at the top bookie from Asia, they offer betting on famous  European leagues such as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and UEFA Champions League. They also cover Asian football including Indonesia Super League (Liga Super Indonesia), and Indonesian Premier League (Liga Prima Indonesia). Their hang cheng betting odds (Asian Handicaps) tend to also be the best online.

And here is the entire lists which you should spend some times to look to choose for you the best bookie:

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Betting Sites Blocked in Indonesia

In July 2012, the chief of Ministry of Communications Ashwin Sasongko confirmed the government is now blocking many residents from accessing betting websites.  Up to now There has been more than 1000000 website has been blocked. The easiest way to get around this is to purchase and set up a Singapore VPN. If the link I just provided is also blocked, Google search the topic. These cost about $15 US per month and are a great investment. The VPN websites are sometime technical and hard to understand, but really these are very easy to set up. After you purchase a VPN you’re sent step by step set-up instructions. The VPN company will also help you to get it setup and working if you need help.


We recommend you if you are interested in Indonesia, then you have to be cautious and so not use any Local bank if you do not want to take any risk. There are some other option for you which are widely accepted in many bookie, Let’s have a look at the table below:

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So if you have any problem with one of these e-wallet here, you always have other alternatives that welcome you.

What Are The Betting Regulations in Indonesia?

Everything we wrote above, we do not advocate you to join or to start gmabling, but we Bookieepert, beleive that if you are an adult, you need to hold your own responsibility toward any decision you are about to make. In 2017 arresting numerous Taiwanese nationals for alleged fraud and online gambling in the upscale housing complex in Jakarta (read more)” .  In 2010, a non-muslim was sent to prison for 4-months for betting Rp. 50.000 (about $5.00 US) on a football match with a friend.While there are certainly plenty of stories about gambling arrests, it is a very tiny fraction of a fraction of gamblers who are arrested. We’ve done our part in explaining the risks

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