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cambodiamap An overview of Sport Betting in Cambodia

Located between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia is known for being a country that is open to gambling industry gradually. Even though, It is obvious that gambling under any form is prohibited under Kram January 26, 1996, in 2002, there was an exception was made when a company called CamboSix was given a 9-year license to be the sole legal bookmaker in our country. This company provides to Khmer local with full of gambling options. However, 7 years later, on February 24, 2009 Prime Minister Hun Sen terminated their license 2-years early stating their operation had been responsible for moral decline in the Kingdom. They were forced to close their 20 shops the very next day.

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According to some surveys of, due to that occasion, gambling is back to be illegal again. The law has been working for more than a decade now. However, you still find some of the very traditionally Asian sports, like for example: Cockfighting, Pradal Serey, Dragon Boat Racing, Sepak takraw. But if you are truly a gamble and looking for a way to entertain yourself. Then we’ve got you covered. We think the best way for you to gamble in Cambodia is through online gambling site. In this article we take a look at the current law and regulations for Cambodian citizens and explore the ease with which bettors can place wagers online.  We also provide information regarding on gambling laws for other countries in Asia. So it will never be a lack in the process of getting to know all the regulations. Do enjoy reading everything on our posts.

Traditional gambling in Cambodia



The game is divided into turns and does not limit the number and number of players.At the beginning of the turn, three dice are shaken by the dealer (the organizer, manager, and operator of the game) and their results are kept private. Players place money on one or more mascots that they want, can place multiple mascots in a round and unlimited deposit.

When the deposit is finished, the dealer opens, announcing the dice result.

If one of the three dice appears the mascot the player has bet on, they will get back the bet and the house must pay the same amount of times that the mascot appears multiplied by the bet amount (Example: If Players bet 10000 riel  on the fish  and out a fish will be paid 10000 riel, out two fish are paid 20000 riel, out three fish are paid 30000 riel, and get back the amount you have bet) If the mascot The player who chooses not to appear, the bet amount goes to the dealer

Gambling regulation in Cambodia

The Cambodian National Assembly adopted the law on January 26, 1996, during the first legislature’s 5th session.There are 2 statements in the law

  •  Article 1 states that all types of gambling throughout the entire kingdom of Cambodia are strictly prohibited.
  • Articles 2 states that all permits of gambling houses issued by the Royal Government are considered null and void.

This means that the government is cruntinying and tighten the law on gambling with all attempt to stop gambling. The Royal Government is the only party that has authority to grant licenses and permits to run any gambling firms. Other than that, any sites which are not, then will be considered as illegal and may be sentenced to imprisonment from one year to five years.

For any gambling activities that found guilty of violating the country’s gambling laws may face an imprisonment of one to one month and a fine ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 Riels. epeat offenders will have to pay a fine ranging from 50,000 Riels to 500,000 Riels and a prison sentence from one month to one year.

For any organizations that are proven to organsise and operate any gambling sites will face imprisonment from one year to five years and pay a penalty of 5 million Riels to 20 million Riels.

Despite from the strict regulations, there is no specific ones which state that you patronizing or taking part in online gambling from international sites is illegal. So go further down, you will see our analysis on which foreign is good for you to place your bet with real money.

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Asian Betting Companies

Actually, underground gambling is strictly illegal in Cambodia, but there are some domestic website which you can have a look, for example: Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, and Samraong. However, because it is illegal so we would not recommend you to gi there and bet with your real money. Cause it not only make you lose all of your money, it does make you involve in criminal record.

If you are looking for legal football betting, the only option is to use foreign bookmakers that have no physical presence at all in Cambodia. For this the sites I’ve below are by far the best:

Below is a list of the major Asian bookmakers who offer their services to clients based in Cambodia:


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Let’s give you an example which is 188Bet is a company based in Isle of Man, which is a British Crown Dependency – meaning they are essentially a UK based company. They have been heavily involved in advertising in the UK; they were the official shirt sponsors of the Premier League’s Wigan Athletic from 2009-2011, are the current betting sponsors of Liverpool FC and also sponsor Bolton Wanderers F.C. who are in the Championship. It may also be possible to deposit here using credit or debit card through EntroPay.

Plenty of Payment Methods

The only drawback that we can see here is those Asian bookie does not support the currency which is riel as its light weight in capital market . So, as Cambodians have to use  have to use a major currency such as US dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling insead.

There are various options for you to choose from . If one is unsuccessful, there is other alternative for you to go: Let’s have a look:

Payment MethodTypeWithdraw Time
Read more
visa-logo visa 1 business dayRead more
Maestro-logo Maestro2-3 business daysRead more

For those options, they make you to verify your account by giving some of your information like your name on Id card, one from passport would a credit for you and one verification thought utility bills. AFter you have done all the process, then you are absolutely free to bet right away.

Other than that you can also try some e-wallet:

Payment MethodTypeWithdraw Time
Read more
neteller-logo Neteller2 or 3 business daysRead more
Help2pay Help2pay5 or 10 business daysRead more
astropay-logo Astropay2 or 3 business daysRead more
skrill Skrill 2 or 3 business daysRead more

This is the safest option for you. These e-wallet is fullly authorised and trusted. If you want to bet, you first need to have money in your account.These are the only come options currently available in Cambodia.


The bottom line is, if you’re looking for the best Cambodia betting odds and markets, then you need to sign up with online bookies. With our top selected bookies, then you find some lucks there.

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