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point spread betting

What is point spread betting?

Points spread +/- is the most common sports bet type made on many US sports. It is a bet that can give excitement to one sided games because you can’t just bet the favorite to win. You have to work out if they will win by more than a certain number of points.

Betting Point spreads is one the most common sport betting types which is made for US sport. Point spreads are used since most recreational bettors prefer to wager even money propositions.

Point spread is used the most in football and basketball. The less popular major sports, baseball and hockey, are mostly bet using a moneyline.

Before we mention about how to win over the point spread bets, we need to make sure that those reading this understand fully what is point spread bet and how they work and how bookmakers make profit from them. The nature of sport is one team lose and one team win. That’s why you have to choose which team will perform better than that set line.

Let’s take this as an example:  If a game has Brazil  2.5 and USA 2.5, the Brazil are 2 or 3  point favorites and the USA are 2 or 3  point underdogs. Since we can not write 2 or 3 , so we have to write 2.5. If you think Brazil win by 2.5 points, this obviously means that the USA is going to lose 2.5 point.

So, the line for this game would look something like this.

  • point-spread-bets USA    +2.5
  • Brazil   -2.5

As we stated, all you have to do is to be able to predict on a team that outperform their predicted results. you do not need to your chosen team always wins. All the team has to do is do better than the predicted line, and you win your bet. This means that a team can lose the game, but you can still win your point spread bet on them. and on othr side, a team can win but you will lose your bet

For example, if you bet on USA +2.5. You can see that there is a 2.5, so how a team is gonna win a 0.5. Isn’t it impossible? So since they can’t win by half points. So if they win by 3 points, you win your bet.

The Brazil are expected to win by 3 points. But if

that underperform by  1 points or even, you will lose your bet. And vice versa with USA +2.5.

Now you might be confused by there is half points there. What is its function? The half point means to avoid the tie of the match. The sportsbook wants to have a team that wins. When the tie happens, all the money will be returned to everyone. This is a bad thinsg for bettor, but the bookmarkers like Bet356, 12bet makes 0 profits from that bets. That is the best explanation for why the sportsbook heavily prefers to use half-point lines for obvious reasons.

That’s all there is to a point spread bet! You bet on which team will outperform their predicted results, and that is it. In the next section, we’re going to talk about the benefits of using Point spread.

Point Spread Betting Strategies

We’ve gotten through all of the basics and more, and now it’s time to talk strategy. This helps you be wiser when you have to make a bet.

Bet on Teams You Think Are Going to Lose

To win a game is based a lot of the outside factors which is aside from the performance or the reputation of the team. It could be the weather adaption like the match between Vietnam and Uzbekistan for AFC U23 Championship in 2017, or the physical health of team members and ect.. If based on that facts, you think a team is greatly underestimated but is still going to lose. Then with spread bets, you are able to bet on the team that ou’re confident are still going to lose the game.

This creates a lot of possibility to generate profits, You might be the master of spotting a team’s problems and analyzing when they’re going to be getting better and more than that, you now have the betting flexibility to jump on these predictions and turn them into money.

Predict and Exploit Line Movement

you should start doing some researches and tracking lines  for yourself before starting a bet a week. This helps you know the trend and everything related to the line which is included news stories or public opinion. Injuries, suspensions, and weather will also play a big role in the movement of lines

The way you do this is by predicting how the lines are going to move and then deciding if you should bet now, not bet at all, or wait for the line to move more in your favor. Remember, once you make a point spread bet, you are locked into that line.

Calculate Your Spread Predictions Before Looking at Lines

Tracking line is a good start however if you are too dependant on that, you might be fooled by the bookmakers. So we recommend you should make your own spread before you look at any of the lines. f you see lines that are equal to or more in your favor, then you’ve found value and should bet.

What BookieExpert says about Point Spread

Hopefully, you can now consider yourself an expert on point spread bets. While they’re simple bets in nature, they harness a lot of power when it comes to turning a profit. And we hope our guide will make you understand more on this type of bet.

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